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Shreya Export works hard for what is good for our customer and something better than others in the market. We and our manufacturers put their all efforts on providing dry charged batteries to the export customers specially. Just add sulfuric acid and our batteries are good to go for special orders. It is a commitment for us to pursue best quality and lowest price for our customers.

We endeavor to supply a perfect need upon your needs, thus leads to a long term business relationship. We still follow our company founder’s objective that business gives us relation more than running behind profits.


Our company’s grid design of plates gives extreme performance by limiting corrosion and internal resistance. Shreya Exports plates are casted on the automated grid machines giving proper uniform and greater quality. There is 2.4% antimony in our each plate given that higher tolerance of cycling at elevated temperatures. It eliminates high gassing and internal power loss on charge like traditional level of antimony. Extra heavy duty plates manufactured as per exclusive design of our manufacturer. Ensure durability, resistance to corrosion, improved cycle life and less frequent top ups. Inbuilt margins for high ambient temperatures and vibration.


Our supplier’s main technological advantage in comparison to other suppliers with the use of new generation DARAMIC – USA PE with glass mat separators. Shreya Export’s batteries are tested under controlled environment and rugged tests duly passed under such conditions.

Environment policy

We only deal with manufacturers that follow rules of Indian government. After all it is our responsibility to protect nature. We also encourage manufacturers to improve their facility in less polluting environment plants.


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